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Sydney VFP UG : Meets last Wednesday of every month

Next meeting is Wednesday 29 June 2005

The Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group meets at 6:30pm on the last Wednesday of every month
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  Next meeting (29 June 2005)
This month we have another great lineup:

Michael Brazel from Talman will be presenting on:
Cursor Adaptors in VFP9

Other speakers to be announced soon.

We will also have our regular Q+A session.

Previous meeting's code:
Feng Zeng's source for using Microsoft Agent is here
Craig Bailey's overview of tools is here
Scott Scovell's code and whitepaper on system event binding in VFP9 is here.
David Gibson's Empower program details are here.

This meeting will be combined online with the Melbourne VFP User Group!
Details of how to connect to the webcast are on the User Group blog.
The Sydney VFP User Group 2005 timetable details upcoming presentations

The Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group meets at Microsoft headquarters:

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Microsoft Sydney Office
Theatre 2
1 Epping Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Pizza and drinks are provided (it's all free as per usual)

Note - if you come after 6:30pm you will need to call security to let you in - the number to call will be on a notice at the door

For details of upcoming meetings or general questions please email Craig Bailey (UG President)

Coming up in May Andrew Coates will be presenting on VFP and .Net interop

    Coming up in June Michael Brazel will be discussing Cursor Adaptors

    See our jobs page - last updated 26 April 2005
    Definately consider joining MSDN Connection
    Support the other Sydney developer user groups
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    Who we are
    We are a group of IT professionals who use Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP) to implement database, desktop and web solutions. See also Members page

    Who you are
    You are a database developer, probably using Microsoft technologies and Visual FoxPro
    You are looking for a serious group of developers to learn from, trade ideas with and contribute to

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The Sydney VFP UG aims to increase developer knowledge and skills with Microsoft Visual FoxPro and related technologies such as COM, .Net and SQL Server. The group meetings are highly technical in nature and focus on using the product in real-world situations. Members come from a diverse range of industries, covering both custom and shrink-wrap applications.

Meetings include a key note presentation covering a major technical topic (eg VFP & XML, VFP & COM, etc), followed by mini-technical sessions (eg using ActiveX controls), finishing with a 15 minute Q&A session.

Developers of all skill levels are welcome, however sessions are geared towards intermediate and advanced levels.